Land Art

Land art is absolutely fascinating for me.  At one level it is the most basic and simplest art form, yet on another level it is one of the most advanced.

The finding of a stone, for example, and the simple task of moving it require no training or skill.  How it is done makes all the difference.  The finding of what is in a found object and the relating of that within its surroundings is more demanding.  The simplicity of the materials makes them accessible and at the same time it invites the viewer to make almost as much of a journey as the artist.  For me this is one of the times when the ‘art’ aspect is important.  The ‘art’ aspect is what makes the balanced stone a discovery of dynamic relationship rather than just a neat trick – it is the difference between art and entertainment – not to say that you can not have art in entertainment or the other way round.


I have compiled 2 short slide shows with narration of some of my work.

To be clear I tend to work with a set of restrictions – I only use what I find on site, no tools, no tricks, no glue and no hidden structures – just time and patience.


In addition I have complied a 3rd group of bits and bobs that I have either recently found again or didn't use before.

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